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    Leaving Cert Study John4853

    I'd say everyone doing their leaving cert this year has already started studying, I started around october I'm just wondering if anyone has any of their own tips to help study better and how long are yous studying per night?:)

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      Hi John. Atm for midterm and strikes I'm doing an hour per subject per day.I find doing it away from your bedroom a lot less distracting so I take over the sitting room instead.

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      Good luck with the studying👍👍

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      Thanks Aofie you too,I tend to study in my room as I find it easier and also I prefer doing one subject for 2 hours rather then 1 hour per subject I just find it easier that and are you just learning of notes and doing exam qs? Also how many points are you aimingki for I'm aiming around 350 for my course to can't wait to get the leaving cert done with tbh!:)

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      If you use your notes to answer exam questions you learn how to apply your notes to an exam question. The marking scheme can also be very helpful just to show you how they are expecting you to answer a question and what they're looking for. I personally watch a lot of youtube videos on a chapter or topic that im learning just to help me get a better insight of it. I find it very helpful as it uses visual and aural by illustrating examples.

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      Study for about 30-40 minutes at a time. After that it tends to become more difficult for people to focus so take a 5 minute break then. Revision of notes and doing exam questions is the best way to actually study for most people. Sitting and reading the book or notes or whatever isn't any use you need to write. make a plan of what you need done each day. If its a weekday you can still write what you want done as homework and then whatever you want done on top of that.

      May the odds be ever in your favour

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      Thanks guys all appreciated

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      I personally find doing 1 and a half hour slots the most helpful and I generally revise the subjects that need more attention, like the text heavy ones such as geography. Mindmaps also work especially if you're a visual and kinesthetic worker

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      What are yous all aiming for?:)

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      Hi John😀I've done out my own notes 4 every subject, find that a lot easier than learning them from a book. So I'll learn a chapter and then test myself by doing qs on studyclix.I need either 465 or 530 points the pressure is on 😂😂Ahh stop I can't wait 2 b done😂😂

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      Have a read of the attached file. Hope it helps.

      attachment lc study basic tips.docx

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      What course is that for aoife? and I only need around 330 to 350 so less pressure on me

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      Very appreciated bridgetown thanks!:)

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      Also any chance of you sending your English notes to me please at thanks :)

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      Primary school teaching or biomedical science!You?

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      I need 490, but would like as close as possible to 625, so about 613

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      Best of luck to all!

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