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Leaving cert survey on 1916 by studyclix.
cooldude7878 The Leaving Cert — 14/05/16 3

I was looking at the results of the survey, I was surprised when I saw 37% of you don't think Irish should be compulsory in school? Yet I think 76% of students believed in armed rebellion of 1916. The 1916 leaders were Irish speakers. How if you call yourself Irish can you not be proud to learn such a language since it's our only native language. 93% were proud to be Irish? Europeans laugh at us wanting to only speak a foreign peoples language. Whatever your political or religious persuasion is it's clear that Irish was our original language until it was beaten out of us by an education system using the 'Scoreen'. But hey all students know that because they have read the Murder Machine whereby Padraig Pearse condones such activities. The hypocrisy of the youth is amusing! :)

conorgildea — 14/05/16
"The hypocrisy of the youth is amusing! :)" Interesting how you only wrote that post in English and didn't bother to provide an Irish version... If you want to know why people dislike the Irish langauge, you need to look in the mirror. If a language isn't spoken it dies... no matter how much funding gets thrown at it. Lastly Europeans' aren't laughing at us, the majority of them probably have never debated the demise of the Irish langauge in Ireland. I hate when statements like that get used in arguments... Honestly have you ever sat down and started laughing at other European countries for their domestic affairs? No, you haven't, so stop making up broad statements about what other European citizens do.
Mason — 14/05/16
^^^^^^^^^ this guy
John smith234 — 14/05/16
Irish is useless, you can only speak to people who are a tiny minority in Ireland and the only decent career you can get from it is a irish teaching job in Ireland. Look at French if you learned it you could speak in countries all over the planet not just in France and the job opportunites would be far greater than with irish. Not to mention that either the method of teaching irish is wrong or the language is hard as we start learning this language from as early as 4 and many can barely speak it after like 14 years of learning. Just because we are irish does not mean everyone wants to be surrounded with irish culture, theres an entire planet out there to experience and it sounds very unexciting staying in Ireland and spending years and years just so you can speak irish with an almost non existent fluent population. I just study irish for the points in the leaving cert after that the language will mean nothing to me and I will never need to speak it again which truly shows how pointless it is to learn that we never need to speak it in life.
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