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Leaving Cert thoughts
Yasmine146 The Leaving Cert — 07/06/17 10

Hey guys I thought I'd open up this thread as a place where we can talk about how we are feeling regarding the exams and stuff!Also, how everyone finds each paper ��I'm so nervous especially for Maths!What are you most scared for?

Reecelacey99 — 06/06/17
I'd rather get shot in the face than study more geography.
kittyxkat — 06/06/17
^ me too!!
jimmylee123 — 06/06/17
Maths is going to rip me a new A**hole
rohin123 — 06/06/17
Is there enough time to study home ec for tomoro?
Yasmine146 — 06/06/17
I feel so bad for you all I only have maths and English this week��Good luck haha
rourke.barry — 06/06/17
chose to do pass english- an absolute blessing.. easy 2 days coming up and can study for other subjects while everyone else is studying english.. literally dont need to open a book for it :) most strategic decision i have ever made!
Pieter — 06/06/17
Try doing Dutch with about 2 days study and its on thursday morning, yeah.....
Charles_5165 — 06/06/17
Im certainly scared for maths chemistry biology
adam.krupa.3990 — 07/06/17
I'm screwed for english paper 2 anyone know what poets may come up?
Yasmine146 — 07/06/17
Donne,keats,boland,plath or hopkins:]
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