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Levels biology?
Cassie333 The Leaving Cert — 23/05/17 8

Idk whether I should switch to ordinary in biology I got 35% in my mocks for higher level ?

ladevine98 — 17/05/17
I got 44 anew am wondering the same thing
ladevine98 — 17/05/17
D'laraGoksen — 20/05/17
Tbh I don't think there's much of a difference between HL and OL biology... It's just the marking schemes that are different.. OL are more lenient I think I'd stay with HL if I were you but it's your call
ladevine98 — 20/05/17
Thank you !
study person — 20/05/17
My teacher told us most students go up about 10% in June compared to the mock, but I'd say do a few past exam papers within the 3 hours without notes and correct them yourself to see where you're at, it'll be a good indicator as well as good practise, and then you can decide yourself what level will suit you best. Good luck!
HellonKellooor — 21/05/17
In fairness, the marking scheme for the mocks was brutal. I'd say stay in higher and try cram all important chapters in the next few weeks.
ladevine98 — 21/05/17
Yeah they really were haha what chapters would you recommend?
D'laraGoksen — 23/05/17
well, you'd want to know all of the Unit 1 & Unit 2 chapters REALLY well before doing a HL biology exam...
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