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    Medicine? TheHorg

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering could anyone give me any information on how to start studying for the H-pat? I think I might be interested in going for medicine but the H-Pat seems quite scary so I want to start studying for it now! Any help regarding the h-pat or medicine courses in general is greatly appreciated :D

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      I think you can get lessons in the institute and i think you can buy a study book bu the HPAT is affiliated with them so there's no guarantee that what they teach is right, it might be worth checking it out though? Sorry if this is useless information haha

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      I have H-Pat notes that I'm selling if your interested. 15eu for sample questions and answers.

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      Thanks guys! @Jennooos I think I could be interested in your Hpath notes, send me an email

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      Med entry is a study course for hpat which I found really good!

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