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Mock for 8th subject
Study1212 The Leaving Cert — 19/04/17 4

I'm in 5th year and taking Applied Maths as an extra subject, next year for the mocks, would I be able to get a mock or not because it's an extra subject?��

A-123St — 18/04/17
Are you taking it yourself outside of school?
Study1212 — 18/04/17
Yes @A-123St
Alex F — 19/04/17
I know there are plenty of people who take it outside of school and want a mock next year. Schools usually order their mocks in November or December if you go up to your year head or principal and say can you order an Applied Maths paper and correction then would do so, you would probably sit the exam at the same time a subject you don't take is on.
Study1212 — 19/04/17
Ok thank you! ��
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