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    Mock Help Please Maggiemoo82

    Hi I'm really panicking as I havnt began studying for my mocks in 5 weeks time due to many personal reasons how well do u think I can do if I begin studying now also does anyone have any tips or predictions for the mocks. Thanks so much I'm Also doing all higher level exams excluding maths. They include Irish English business home economics geography and biology

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      Definitely start now, you can surprise yourself with how much you can get done in 5 weeks! I think an irish essay will come up on something to do with violence because of recent affairs. I also think for Irish either the poem or the story that has never come up will come up this year, but not both of them, so i'm focusing on them. I don't know about the rest of the subjects but good luck!

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      Sorry for hijacking the thread, but given the limited time we have before the mocks, do you guys think it's better to concentrate on past questions from Studyclix, or to actually study and take notes from textbooks first?

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      I'm doing past papers mainly then whatever topics I found hard from the papers using my notes to study them

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      Im mainly focusing on past papers and learning off all the answers, and taking notes of which questions have come up more than once

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      Thank you guys for all your help xxx

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      Any predictions economics?

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      Economics you will definitely need to know National income, Market Structures, Tax, Unemployment and topical issues (Economic implications of brexit, Implications of UK/US reducing their corporation tax, Currency revaluation, etc.)

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