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Mock paper cost ridiculous
regan123 The Leaving Cert — 17/01/17 7

Ok I'm quite upset, told the mocks or pre's are going to cost €110 euro, normally I would have no problem in paying what I use but to me this makes no sense, could somebody tell me why it should cost so much? A quick google for exam craft show the pricing, papers are 1.15 -2.00 , with corrections being 8 euro flat per subject , I'm doing 6 subjects for the mock therefore €46 for corrections and max €7 for papers totalling drum roll please €53 euro. Also free post and packaging for orders over €200,, and 5 percent discount for ordering early, if any know what the other €60 going to I'd like to hear. My school cannot be the only one with these prices.

ngeissel — 12/01/17
We don't have to pay for them in my school?
Serenacasey_15 — 12/01/17
mine are only 25 euro!
regan123 — 12/01/17
Arghhhh, these replies aren't helping, they are just reaffirming my belief that my school is trying to profit from mock exams I want to know how mocks could ever cost this much so I can restore my faith in my school
megan69521 — 12/01/17
mine are more they are 130 euro
chlojoanne — 12/01/17
hey, my teachers are correcting most themself which is cost free. Other teachers like french and Engish are 8 euro each but say for instance maths and irish have 2 papers so your paying sepretely for them if your teachers are sending them away. My english is around 13 euro, I'm doing 7 subjects so 5 are being sent away so id be paying around 60-70 euro aswell. The examiners are being paid it is taking around 3 hours to correct an exam so it isnt too expensive.
NRichardson24121999 — 16/01/17
mine is €100 and the rest of money goes to the school for buying paper for answerbook and supplying log tables and graph paper
Aisling1998 — 17/01/17
My school has the same price and the same explanation as yours for how much they're costing.. My maths teacher has told us there's mistakes on the maths paper so they will have to come into the exam and make an announcement at the start of both papers to tell us where to fix the mistakes in the question.. He also told us they put something on the paper that isn't on the new course.. My school have moved the pres so they can get our papers back to us in time which is complete bs because they normally take a month to come back where as if the teachers swapped among themselves (roughly 8 teachers per subject) we'd still get somebody we didn't know correcting our exam.. Last year my brother's whole class of history pres had to be sent back to be re corrected because they were corrected wrong. All the teachers have to go through the pres again anyway to make sure they're corrected right. 110 euro for pres that take ages to get back, have mistakes in the questions, questions that are no longer on the course and the chance that they could be corrected wrong? Absolute rip off if you ask me. As you said there is not explanation for where all the money goes...
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