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Mock Questions and Answers 2017
Eimear_d The Leaving Cert — 14/02/17 4

Hi guys, I know this is a stressful time for everyone and you all want to know what's going to come up in your Mock exam so you can do really well. But please please please stop posting what came up on your mocks if you've already had them and stop asking what is going to come up. This is essentially a form of cheating and it won't benefit you in any way at all. If you know what's going to come up for the Mocks and you end up doing well, you're just going to be disappointed when the real deal comes along in June and you won't know what's coming up and you end up doing badly because you didn't let yourself try to do the exam properly for the Mocks. Just study hard and do your Mocks without cheating and finding out what's going to come up. If you do badly, it's not the end of the world. You still have 4 months to study and your results will show you where you need to work harder. It's better to do badly now, than doing badly for the actual Leaving Cert, when there are consequences of doing badly. So again, please stop asking for them and stop posting hints. We may have to resort to temporarily suspending accounts if the posts continue. Thanks for your co-operation and best of luck in your exams. I'm sure you can all do really well without having to cheat. :) Let us know if you have any worries or questions. Eimear

eoghan_15 — 26/01/17
I'm just saying, it's a bit stupid for the mocks to be a few months before we actually have to take the exam. Maybe if the mocks were in April I'd actually have the time to study the entire the whole course and not resort to asking what's coming up on the mocks etc.
Eimear_d — 26/01/17
Hi, I understand the frustration, I was in the same position, but no teacher will expect you to be able to answer a question on a topic that you haven't covered in class. Most teachers actually remove or omit any questions that include topics not yet learned by the class so this shouldn't be a problem. :)
eoghan_15 — 26/01/17
Okay, I guess it was just plain lethargy.. I guess the mocks just serve as a wake up call. Thanks for the advice!
Charles_5165 — 14/02/17
what was the point in the whole mock when the whole course aint finished its supposed to be like the real deal with everything covered shame deb and examcraft and the marking scheme for the mocks suck especially the biology higher level mock paper they didnt accept some good ansewers which is unfair state examination questions are way easier than the mock
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