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mocks prediction
caoimhe98 The Leaving Cert — 25/01/17 4

mocks predictions for any of the following subjects would be much appreciated : English Irish Maths history german biology music

Aisling1998 — 09/01/17
English I think Boland will come up and I think the theme to the paper will be along the lines of violence etc. Irish I think something along the lines of violence, poverty etc will come up and for the essay there's nearly always something to do with young people. I think either the poem or story that has never come up will come up but not both. Music my teacher told us that the composing questions are major and that the 25 marker is Gerald Barry. Of course these are what my teachers have been saying but your school could be using the other examination board.
chlojoanne — 12/01/17
slyvia plath is a perdiction and letters for english, but that isnt accurate.
NRichardson24121999 — 16/01/17
keates and durcan definite for English construction and proofs definite for maths
taraflynn — 25/01/17
@NRichardson24121999 do you know for certain that keates and durcan came up or is it a guess? ��
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