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    Music, Meteorology OR Teaching? SryanBruen

    Of what you have been seeing of me on this forum, what do you think I should study in college? I know it's early but I need help choosing!

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      thats a decision you need to make but they're all really different...

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      Music - I love writing music and being famous

      Meteorology - I love giving people accurate forecasts - and people say I'm more accurate than any weather service - and I don't use any instruments or models etc - probably all just lucky guesses!

      Teaching - well you can see what goes on with me teaching in this forum, but I adore teaching kids! Unlike most teachers, I want students to be smart, unstressed, happy in school. If I was a teacher, I would not give students homework even.

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      I don't think being famous merits a factor in deciding what you will become when you are older. You do seem pretty informative and willing to help out so out of ally he options you gave, I'd say teaching would suit you best. But you would also have to go on subject choices and your abilities as they all play a major role. If you are good at maths and science than medicine or engineering might suit you, but if you are more linguistic, language courses might be more for you. I'd say you would have to be a bit more specific about what you are good at. Luckily you have a few more years to decide

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      Ok thanks granners. Well these are my latest BIG TEST results (BIG TEST meaning Xmas or Summer, so Summer test results)

      Irish (HL) - 95%

      English (OL) - 78%

      Maths (HL) - 76%

      History (HL) - 90%

      Geography (HL) - 87%

      French (HL) - 85%

      Business (HL) - 90%

      Science (HL) - 82%

      Music (HL) - 96%

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      You're actually a pretty good all-rounder, as you do well in all of your subjects. As you are in pass English and in honours science and maths, it does suggest that you would be more of a logical thinker than a linguistic individual, but Irish and music clearly are your best subjects. I think teaching looks like the most appropriate career with your current grades, but if you do this well in the junior and leaving certs, you could do anything. In my case English and Irish are my worst subjects and I excel at maths, physics and DCG so I would be mainly suited to engineering or science at 3rd level. You could also do an arts degree where you can choose 2-3 subjects and specify further on, which you might prefer. I'd talk to a guidance councillor or your careers teacher about it.

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      Okay thank you very much

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      No bother

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      I forgot one, though it's not an examination in the actual JC

      Computers: 100%

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      It depends at what level you are doing it at. If its just word and excel, then it doesn't mean you should completely consider computers, but if you were working on cad and programming then I'd consider a career in it.

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      Yeah unfortunately it was just word and excel and I haven't learnt anything new in Computers since I came to the school. I have know everything they taught since I was 9. I would love to learn about programming. I create music videos and master songs for people etc - I taught myself how to do these things.

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      Our schools computer classes are also very basic, I really think that they should include basic programming skills into the course as it will aid everyone in the future

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      They should change a lot of the subjects of the way they taught anyway

      Irish - focus on conversation, not literature (and believe it or not, I didn't go to a gaelscoil and I got 95% on a test, I got 92% in my Summer exam in 1st year also)

      Music - focus on theory & composition writing (not set songs or works etc)

      English - should not be forced to write a short story or something - though it has changed now 'cuz of the new JC (the student might not have a good imagination)

      And so on, any subjects you think should be definitely change?

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      for me its the whole idea of rote learning. i dont have a major problem with learning off, i just think it puts too much pressure on students and the sheer size of documents to be learnt off is just discouraging

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