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    Music or biology Stephanie K

    Hi guys please help me, I am stressed out. I am in 5th year. I feel I should drop HL maths. I will have to take up another subject to make up for the points that I will lose for dropping a HL subject. What subject would u think would be the best/easiest to teach yourself. Music or biology.

    I am currently doing chemistry, Ag science, home Ec l, French plus your normal core subjects.

    The only thing that would be pushing me towards music would be the 50% practical. I do exams with the London college of music and in October I will be doing my final exam before being qualified to teach. So I should defo be able to get a high mark in the practical.

    What do you think please advise me, need help!!!

    Sorry for the long speal

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      So you are already doing 7 subjects?

      As you can only take your best 6 for points i would think that picking up a new subject and trying to do it in one year it probably not figure in your top 6!

      But, what instrument do you play? Biology is long, way too long for most to do in one year. But if you have already been studying and playing music outside school.............?

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      Biology is long but if you are interested in it you'll pick it up in no time! Plus doing both home ec and chemistry will really help you there! I do the, and they tie in well sometimes

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      music! its very easy!

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      if you have any music based theory at all which you do because your on grade 8 you'll get at least a B1 and if you work you'll get an A

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