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    Music or geography? Sophie51

    Should I pick music or geography for the leaving cert? I'm going lcvp and my other subject are biology and french

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      how many points are you looking to get from it and what are you thinking of doing in college?

      Also I've found LCVP isn't really worth it unless you are planning on only passing 5 subjects. The highest mark is equal to a C in a HL subject and it's insanely hard to get full marks in. You can literally loose marks for not putting a space after a comma.

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      I want to be a nurse/midwife or a primary school teacher so I need about 445 points to be sure

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      Music is definitely easier to do well in. As the practical is 50%, your marks fly up in comparison to other subjects. A toughie to get the H1 in, but with 50% practical and 25% composing you can do very well before you even start looking at the listening paper (which is also very approachable).

      Geography is very text-heavy, and notoriously difficult to score high marks in. SRPs are a lot more detailed than the JC, a lot of the time they can be up to a paragraph, of which about 13 are required in most questions. If you're good at learning off huge loads of information then it'll suit you.

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      i don't like geography now and i doubt i ever will but i heard it was easy in the leaving cert? Did anyone else hear this or is it just me???

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      Honestly JC geography is an absolute cakewalk in comparison to LC geography. Within the first month of 5th year about 9 of the 40ish in our year who picked it had switched to another subject, and another good few have dropped it or switched subjects since then.

      The best way to see for yourself is on Look at a past paper and see what they expect of you in the marking scheme.

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      if you have careers portal you can look up the trend grades usually follow. Geography isn't the best as quite a few people do it every year. Id go with music, it might help with getting placements in a primary schools, and tends to be an easier A.

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      so which is better history or geography for LC?

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      Marie123Mc45 do you like History? You said you dislike Geography.

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      history is an easier H1 but tougher due to the amount of info. you need to know and the amount you have the write but more people tend to do well in it compared to geography as less and less people pick it every year

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      Not particularly, but our teacher is our year head and very scary! i mean it scary.... so i don't know what to do and i also heard for history there is a lot of learning off [especially for leaving cert ] and is hard to get As and Bs which is very difficult for me since i find school hard and i'm not academic.

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      History is a bit like reading to me which i enjoy so yes i do like it.

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      If you don't like History then don't do it. For History there is a lot of learning off like you've heard ^ and part of that learning requires a lot of commitment and personal interest in History. If you don't have that, History is definitely not for you. The teacher does not matter. Don't decide your subjects on teachers of the subjects Marie. Students tend to do that which is quite stupid. Geography like Croke said is harder to get a H1 in but it's an easier subject overall if you don't have the History commitment and personal interest. Either way, I don't think you should do either if you don't like both of them.

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      Oh so if you do like History then, do it.

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      thanks SryanBruen, your very helpful much appreciated. :)

      luckily i have a bit of time yet to make my decision :( ah well.

      I'm really sorry for taking up your discussion @Sophie51. i amn't helping you at all! Sorry x

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      sorry i didn't mean to be so confusing Sryan! :( i don't really know which way to goyet. Sorry...

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      TBH the history exam is like writing a synopsis on a story you've read for your English exam, you'll know the gist of it and only need a few pieces of information to fluff up your answer. History and English go hand in hand at compliment each other. If your interested in English id definitely try it. You can always swap at Christmas if you don't like it.

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      If you don't think you'll get on with the teacher you can look into doing history outside of school as an extra subject and handing in work to be corrected. Exam stress is tough without having to worry about your teachers and a good teacher can make the world of a difference. Try find out how previous students have gotten on in exams

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      tks Croke. But as i said im not smart. i cant afford to waste half a year on a subject im unsure about so i need to make a decision and stick with it if you know what i mean. tks Croke and SryanBruen. Cheers

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      Remember to choose your subjects on your personal interests, not what are the easiest or hardest subjects, not the teachers of the subjects and not what your friends are doing.

      Just a reminder ^

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      Thanks for your help

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