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jamielovesmusic123 The Leaving Cert — 11/05/16 7

Hi There, Okay so there is only 4 weeks or less to go until the big LC :(!!! , I am really nervous and worried about it and am a little iffy about what results I might get... I am doing ALL ORDINARY LEVEL apart from Maths (Foundation) and I still think I won't pass Maths even though I'm doing Foundation! :( Does anyone have any advice?? Also, In the event that I do fail Maths or perhaps French , does that mean I have to repeat the WHOLE LC again? or can I privately repeat those 1 or 2 subjects without attending school? Thanks.

evelyndajlani — 08/05/16
I dont think you can repeat only 2 subjects i think you have to attend school
evelyndajlani — 08/05/16
If i were you i would practice exam questions like crazy, if your finding you dont have time just wake up a half hour early in the morning and do a few questions and do a few before you go to bed
Dylan98 — 08/05/16
I'm feeling the same pressure and with maths too.. I think it's with some colleges you might need it although it's not required for arts.. so I'm doing my best to try and get my grade to a C3. Now that I think of it, it's kinda becoming a bit easier when doing the exam questions as if you do a few on the one topic you get used to them (not only maths, but especially biology). I think if you're finding trouble with any questions I think you could ask your teacher - it works with me.. my maths teacher does out questions in the class and he appreciates cooperation like that. You're not the only one in Ireland feeling the pressure and I'm sure you aren't the only one thinking that! Just keep working with exam papers and studyclix (of course!) and you will gain more confidence. But that's my approach. About the repeating the leaving cert, I think you need to still attend school but I'm not too sure.
jamielovesmusic123 — 08/05/16
Thats great thank you for that guys! :)
Aisling1998 — 08/05/16
I know in some schools you can repeat 2 subjects but you have to go into school for those two classes
jamielovesmusic123 — 11/05/16
Okay, So do I just go home when my French and Maths is over? or Go in later to school when those classes start? Will I still be required to wear a uniform etc etc??
Aisling1998 — 11/05/16
In my school pupils went in only for the classes they were repeating and didn't have to wear uniform, I don't know about other schools though
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