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Need advice 16
Alan1 The Leaving Cert — 11/05/17 3

I'm having second thoughts about going to this private college.. doing 5th and 6th year there.. basically they do all of the LC course in 5th and 6th is revision.. should I go.. it's costs 7000.... per year. Or go back to mainstream school?

amyniriabhaigh — 11/05/17
If your parents can afford it I'd go Great opportunity to really learn & do your very best like wouldn't throw it out the window It'll be stressful but all the people there will be in the same boat
Alan1 — 11/05/17
Thank you!
Abdelrahman — 11/05/17
not good idea because the courses are huge and it is hard to do them in only 1 year . it is pressure on you to finish the course only in 5th year . good luck
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