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New point systems
Maggiemoo82 The Leaving Cert — 21/06/17 6

Hiya I really don't understand this new point systen for 2017 the course i want is 430 (home ec teaching in angleas) but due to the new points system I'll realistically only get 419. I was wondering since its harder to get higher points will the points for courses go down. Thanks xxx

Olivia0623 — 06/06/17
I was wondering the same thing but its actually do with the amount of people who apply for the course and the amount of places available. I need 430 as well for St. Angela's are you doing it with irish ?? :)
Aisling1998 — 07/06/17
As Olivia said it's due to demand for the course so we all just have to wait and see in August. I actually didn't think there was that much of a difference but points you'll get in the new system and old system. In my opinion nothing will change too much, it was designed so there wouldn't be a lot of change but you never know
Maggiemoo82 — 07/06/17
I think economics or religion. Are u staying on campus??? Really hope the points go down there doesn't see n to be many doing economics so fingers crossed
Olivia0623 — 08/06/17
Oh That's Good.. Yeah I Am Praying To God I Get The Points Though... What Did You Think Of The Home Ec. Exam, I Actually Thought It Was Grand :)
Maggiemoo82 — 20/06/17
Yeah it was easy enough but I know a lot of people that found it difficult :) Have you put a deposit on the accommodation I'm not sure if its too early or not to
Olivia0623 — 21/06/17
Yeah I Put One Down About A Month Ago Just In Case.. You Never Know !! Fingers Crossed We Get What We Want :)
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