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    New points Aisling1998

    So I'm just wondering if people think the points for courses will go up or because of the new points system? Also is it possible for some who averages around 490-500 to attain 540 in the Leaving Cert?

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      I dont think the points for courses will go up because the max amount of points is still 625 so it doesnt make much difference. The new system wont always give you more points than the same percentage in the old system. Sometimes it will give you less. And of course it is possible for you to attain 540 in the Leaving Cert. It will just involve dedication to keep a consistent study routine. Good Luck!

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      it will make NO DIFFERENCE to you, yes technically points will go down for the courses, but your points will go down with everyone else proportionally, if that makes sense , because it is still marked in percentages

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      The points dont always go down with the new system, they can equally go up. It just depends where you land on the percentages in comparison with the old system. I dont think the points for the courses will change because there's still a max of 625. But you're right either way that it makes no difference. As long as you put your head down and focus for the next couple of months, you should have no problems.

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