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    Physics & Applied Maths vs Biology? A-123St

    I'm trying to pick my LC subjects at the moment and I've been in a conundrum about doing Physics & Applied Maths or Biology for ages. I'm pretty sure I'll do German, Business and Accounting, but I have to pick a science as well. I get As in HL JC Maths, but I wouldn't say I love the subject. I like doing exam questions, but the classes are boring. I also get As in HL Science, and I find Biology the easiest section. It's a lot of theory in LC though, and Physics seems interesting as well. Physics and Applied Maths would help me with Computer Science (one of the courses I'm considering), but my main worry is that I'd pick them and would find them very hard to understand. Is it very hard to understand those two subjects and get As in them?

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      Biology is similar to Junior Cert, just to a higher level. It's straight forward enough.

      Physics is more difficult but again is mainly a matter of sitting down and learning it.

      Applied Maths is a more risky choice. It either clicks with you or it doesn't. If it does you will find it easy enough but some people just can't get their heads around it. If you get it it's the easiest A1/H1 you'll get (it's also an extremely short course, you'll have covered enough material to get an A1 by the end of 5th year or early in 6th. Its also barely linked with the physics course at all so don't bunch them together, you could do Biology and Applied just as easily as Physics and Applied

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      Also don't think just because you did well in JC maths and science it means this will click. Almost my entire Applied class got A's in JC maths and science and only like a third of them understand and do well

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      So physics isn't really about it clicking with you, it's just learning?

      That's exactly what I'm worried about, AM not it usually just very mathsy students who understand it or students who usually get high results in all subjects as well?

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      There are things on the physics course that you would have to study in college to fully understand (such as some electricity apparatus or X-Rays) but to get a good grade you just need to learn what needs to be learned and be decent enough at applying a formula. And yes, Applied Maths is generally only sat by the top students but the exams commission know this so it has a really skewed grade curve to make up for it, with like 25% A1s most years.

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      Is there any way to know whether it would click with you before you picked it?

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      Anyone else?

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      Still struggling to decide, any other advice would be appreciated.

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      Physics is fairly ok to understand if you work hard at it and revise it. Some things I didn't quite get when we did them the first time but when I was revising them at home a while later it became way easier. I don't actually do biology but like most subjects its a memory test. Physics isn't as much of a memory test you have to be able to work out answers as well as know definitions etc. As for applied maths I'm told its maths by theory you're given very little in the way of numbers to work with but if its an extra subject I assume you can drop it and do computers or PE or something? At least thats how our school does it

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      @naxmax9 why do you say physics?

      @E.Devitt at our school it's done mostly after school, at lunchtimes, etc. I don't have to do it, but it's an option.

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      The attached document gives the % Honours ahieved by Higher Level candidates in the major LC subjects

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