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    skipping ty.... good at accounting for JC, my preferred subject and part of business. wondering what its like for leaving cert?

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      its nearly the same as jc and is quite a relaxing subject if you're good with numbers, the lc exam is a lot of choice and overall im sooooo glad i picked it for the leaving

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      If you're quite comfortable with your maths… definitely go for accounting. People actually don’t realize how useful & easy accounting is. Plus, it's a very good subject for points.

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      thanks :) is there much theory in it? @mry246 @aislingolear1

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      there is theory in it, but to be honest it's very limited what they can ask you... I find that the theory is quite repetitive, so if you practice enough exam papers, you should be fine. The theory isn't bad at all, don't worry

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      ok thank you are the types of long questions relatively the same to JC just harder?


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      A lot of the questions are quite harder, and the exam is a complete rush for time.

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      I wouldn't say they're the same. Have a look at a LC accounting paper and you'll get a fair idea

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      I dunno looking at accounting or something financial after school but have that feeling that doing numbers all the time could be boring?

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      same. I don't mind accounting as a school subject, but I really don't think I want to spend my entire life doing it! Let's just say there's more interesting stuff out there.

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      I'd say do it if you're good at time management. It's the easiest subject to predict what's coming up and classes tend to be small (there was 3 including me in my class) so you get so much one on one time with the teacher, it's really good. And answers to all the leaving cert accounting questions are available on the marking scheme. :)

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