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    Points up or down ? fbewu

    Hey everyone sitting the leaving this year, as we've no idea in regards to points for colleges do you think points will rise or decline ? There's been mixed opinions let me know yours !

    Good luck

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      I personally think decline, it's harder to reach college requirements with the new system

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      I think that the points required will rise slightly as after calculating my points from the mocks back in February, i compared my points using the new system against the old system and i received more points with the new system, but only fractionally. By about 10 points!

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      To be honest, I think it will stay roughly the same. Of course courses will go up or down due to demand but that's normal so I don't think the new system will have an effect

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      The system has been designed not to have drastic changes because of the change in scoring. Some courses do just see drops or increases. The higher you score the less difference it makes

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