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    Primary teaching Mary I Lc8/6/16

    Any idea by how much primary teaching in Mary I could go up by for this year? It was 470 last year

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      Number applying are down so hopefully it goes down this year

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      i thought the numbers were up, ive heard loads of people who want it :( ya hopefully it stays the same or goes down

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      Number applying for college overall is up a lot but I'm not sure about primary teaching. I think it's only Engineering, the Sciences and those type of areas that will go up a lot.

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      Should stay the same

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      Eoin Duignan

      Definitely stay the same if not go up as much as 15 points. Mary I cannot take as many students each year as before as it is now a 4 year course. This used to be 3 years until like 2 years ago. Instead of taking let's say 600 per year. That's 1800 students if 3 yrs. But with 4 years it will be 450 per year. That's 1800 students. It can't take any more students and less paces available for new 1st years so points may go up. Hope this helps

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