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    Repeating in Rathmines Rebekah_5835

    I'm repeating the leaving cert in Rathmines and decided to do the same subjects again (Eng, Irish, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Classical Studies and Japanese), however, im thinking of dropping Chemistry and picking up something different because I don't think i'll be counting it and I'm not great at the subject. I did get an honour in higher level in the leaving, but it was my lowest grade.

    Anyone have any advice on a subject to pick up instead of it? I was considering Ag but they dont have it in Rathmines.

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      They do japanese in ireland?

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      Do geography, its interesting and not a lot of learning

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      Yeah, theres loads of school that do it:)

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      I did geography in first year and I hated it, so I probably wouldnt like it for leaving certificate. Would history be difficult to pick up?

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      I picked up history this year, and although the course is quite heavy, as long as you have an interest in it I would say pick it up as it is quite enjoyable!

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