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    Repeating the Leaving Cert? xXEmmaXx

    I know you're going to think I'm crazy but hear me out.

    Sixth year was a very difficult time for me and I suffered majorly with my mental health. This meant that I was unable to perform to the best of my abilities and consequently did not get the results I desired from the CAO. I now have a decision to make. Do I repeat sixth year? Or am I better off doing something else? Help from any teachers or people who have been in the same situation as me would be much appreciated.

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      hey. my advice would be if you are keen to get the course you want maybe it would be best to repeat. Now having been through the leaving cert the second time around you will know how to cope better.

      Sorry to hear about your mental health.

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      Or if maybe there was an alternative route you could take

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      only you know whats best for you, leaving cert is very stressful as you know and there is always alternative routes into all occupations,

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