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    Revise Wise Books? E.Devitt

    Just wondering if the revise wise books are worth the investment? I need to get high grades in maths and physics and I'm just wondering if they're worth the money as they are fairly expensive...

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      I use revise wise for other subjects and I personally find them really useful. They're really focused on the exam so they don't have all the extra stuff you don't need (like in most textbooks). I use them to help me write out notes and when I'm revising to help jog my memory. Long story short- they really help me!!

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      Also there's often a discount online either on easons or on the revise wise website so maybe check that out :)

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      Depends on if you'll use them or not. I had them for lc for 3 subjects and to tell you the truth the information in them was not everything that was on the course espically biology

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      Thanks guys much appreciated

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