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    Secondary School Teaching. jamielovesmusic123

    Hi All,

    So I am looking for information as the CAO needs to be filled out quite soon! , My top job that I would love to do is secondary school teaching , I would like to teach Business and English and Possibly Economics BUT here's the thing...

    1. I am not doing Higher Level English... Does that matter???

    2. My school doesn't offer Economics as a subject as there is no demand for it...

    3.Does anyone know if it is possible to study economics in college without doing it for your leaving cert? Would I find it very difficult?

    I am doing Higher Level Business so that shouldn't be a problem , What courses would I do to get into Business teaching and possibly Economics ( to have as a second Subject?)

    Thanks in advance :)

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      Hi Jamie, have a look at some arts degree courses in whichever college you're hoping to attend. I'm sure not doing economics isn't a problem although I would check out the English as i'd say it depends on the college.

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      Yeah, You could have a look at the B.A. in NUI Galway, I think the TC recognizes you to teach English and Economics if you major in those two subjects at the end of 3rd year

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      Thanks all for the help! :) What if i studies a Bachelor Of Business Degree in Sligo IT? Would that be a pathway into teaching? What about the Economics? Is there a course that specialises in that that would eventually get me into teaching also?

      Thanks :)

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      -Sorry for the grammar mistakes! That's hardly acceptable for someone who wants to teach English! - *Studied I meant!

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      Roberto Mane

      You don't require any prior study of Economics in order to do it in College.

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      I have great notes available if you wish

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      I'm not sure would the business degree lead to teaching. Perhaps it might if you can do a Hdip in it! Talk to your career guidance teacher, i'm sure she will give you the best advice

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      any degree leads to teaching:)

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      Hello All,

      Thanks for the replies! , I have had second thoughts about this , I would still LOVE to be a secondary school teacher but something is telling me that I won't get the points - not a hope! , Is there a back door into teaching at all? Even by doing a PLC or something?

      Thanks :)

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