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    Self-taught Japanese? JoysRocx

    Self-taught Japanese?

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      Google Transalate👳🏽

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      Lol but seriously

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      Dulingo App is very recommended

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      Amanda April

      Get the Kantan book series & look to for the orals.

      Books are: Nihongo Kantan, Hiragana Kantan, Katakana Kantan

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      Amanda April

      Best place to buy them is at InternationBooks which is up in central Dublin! There price is always the same so the 3 books will total to 44 euro. :)

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      Amanda April


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      probably impossible to teach yourself the grammer rules like the plain form, past plain form and te form are VERY confusuing i still dont understand them and my teacher is japanese

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      Jdee, but there are many Japanese grammar sources around the internet that could be much help.

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      definitely get the kantan book series my jap teacher in 5th year wrote them and theyre brilliant the rest of the course would be easy to learn with them books but i'd still be abit iffy about them grammer sections

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      Thanks, how long did it take you to learn hiragana, katakana and some of the kanji. Do you also have any tips on learning them?

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      all didnt take too long because it was actually kind of fun, practicing writing the characters just keep writing them out and youll get the hang of them also i found it handy when i found words that looked like the character for example hiragana "ke" kinda looks like a keg and katakana "ku" looks like a cooks apron.. just little things like that made them easier to learn.. to learn how to do the katakana sounds for english words just keep practising exercise sheets until you get the hang of sounding them out theres surely sheets online

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      I self-taught Japanese during TY, very do-able as a hobby (hiragana, katakana and basic kanji takes very little time to learn) but I myself didn't take it on as an extra LC subject as I felt I would need a teacher to assist me; since there are essays and aural (listening) sections to the exam which will be tricky without help! But if you're in an area with availability to a Japanese person who could tutor you I would go for it but in doing this you need to understand that you will still have to commit to thorough self-study which may be a waste of time as it can be really tricky if you don't understand key areas.

      If you need recommendations I'd definitely recommend the Genki Series, they helped me a lot but they are quite expensive, even if they're second hand online, which can be hard to find too. There are online resources like duolingo you can use too.

      Best of luck 😎

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