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NiallQuinn99 The Leaving Cert — 28/05/17 4

So I have 7 months until I sit the exams and am doing 2 ordinary level subjects which is not ideal. Am just curious to know if there is any exam out there I could sit within that time that gives me ample time to focus and study on 8 others at the same time. Helpful answers please, Thank you

NiallQuinn99 — 24/11/16
I study Business, Biology, Accounting, Geography, French (O), Irish (O), English and Maths (O)
The epiphany — 25/11/16
What about economics? It's a short enough course and given you're taking two business based subjects already I'm sure you would be able to handle it with a bit of effort? The maths in it is simple calculations and there's a fair few graphs etc. A lot of it is theory based but less so than business.
NiallQuinn99 — 27/11/16
I'll look into it. Thanks for your reply :)
FOYE — 28/05/17
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