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    selling my hpat medentry Alexandra_5478

    hi guys I m willing to sell my medentry hpat account which i paid like 515 for the work shop+ 10 tests and I also bought 5 tests aswell .

    Im willing to sell it for a lower price as it doesnt include the workshop.Nothing was opened everhthing is in place and can be used

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      when does it expire?

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      how much?

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      Expires on the day of the HPAT i guess and just pop me an email at and we sort the price

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      Bump still have this if someone is interested :) so what I have on their site for 10 exams and videos and tips bla bla is 275 as I remember or 295? but I have 15 tests instead of 10! but I will do the price much lower, pm me guys

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