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    Should I repeat? Yasmine146

    I'm thinking of repeating the leaving cert,I know I won't do as well as I want.I didn't do transition year so I was 15 in 5th year and I've just turned 17 so I'm really young,I'm not ready and it's really stressing me out.Advice?

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      I think you probably should repeat it cause your very young and one more year of studying won't kill anyone it will only make you wiser but it's up to you.

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      Laura Whelton

      just see how get on ,then decide what to do

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      I only turned 17 last month and I'm also sitting the leaving cert in 2 and a half weeks time. My advice is do your exams and wait and see what you get in August. If you're really not happy with the result and don't get into any of your course choices you can always repeat!

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      Repeat its not that bad but dont repeat in the school you're in now repeat in a different school and you'll be alot more focused. Thats what I did anyway. :)

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      My birthday was this month haha😊Thanks for replying everyone I'll see how I get on and I'll repeat if I have to 🙈🌺

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