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    So generally speaking this helps people with money succeed? Conor McCann

    I'm just wondering why you need to pay money to get the premium version of studyclix as I feel it doesn't create a level playing ground for all students. Sure its okay for those who have the money to spend but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. I think this website would be fairer if it got its profits from advertising as that way everyone wins. Just a thought.

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      It's 10 euro a year... It is completely worth spending the money on, do you expect to get all your school books free? Yes they should be free but they're not. The people who run this site need to make money somehow and they put so much time and effort into it, it's only fair they get something back.

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      Conor McCann

      Its 25 euro a year. I said they could get their money from advertising.

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      shut up and take your broke ass back to your schoolbooks

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      Conor McCann

      Fight me

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      It's a tenner if you get your teacher's code which shouldn't be that hard

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      Share files from your computer