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    some stuff about ucc/cit (transfer) Santo_4582

    my initial intention was to study computer science in ucc, due to shiity exam performances so far ucc is out of the q. so now I should be able to get software development in cit. so im wondering , does anyone have any idea about if I am able to transfer from cit to ucc . somehow .

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      you can change your cao options

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      i think you misunderstood my question .

      *cs ucc 1st pick . but won't be able to get it

      sd cit 2nd pick . should be able to get it .

      i badly want to attend ucc so I ask if it is possible to transfer to ucc during my presence in cit

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      From what I understand, if you have the necessary points required for the course you want to transfer in to and given there are spaces available, yes is the answer. You can't however transfer to a course in which you don't have sufficient points for. So in your case, if you got the points for software development in CIT and you decide to attend that course but want to transfer to UCC for computer science, you can't unless you have the points for the UCC course.

      I was in CIT last year but decided to go back and repeat my LC to boost up my points so I can do a course in UCC.

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