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SPHE - What to study
NiallQuinn99 The Leaving Cert — 01/06/17 8

Stressed the fuck out over this

Nicola.Y13 — 15/05/17
i didnt even know there was an sphe exam. Why would you study SPHE?
Kylie Jenner x — 15/05/17
OMG IM taking sphe for the leaving cert. Junior cert sphe was grand so why not
Kylie Jenner x — 15/05/17
It's a difficult subject and I've seen past honours papers and it does look hard
Nicola.Y13 — 16/05/17
Since when was there an Sphe exam?
Sophie51 — 16/05/17
There's not he obviously got tired of studying so decided to make a useless thread
NiallQuinn99 — 16/05/17
^ Full marks
FOYE — 28/05/17
you can do SPHE for leaving cert, starting it now, be grand heeeeeyyyy, 625 here i come?!!!!!
brigade — 01/06/17
LMFAO anyone stressed over the junior cert should rlly consider death xxxx :))))))))) ha 7 days till the LC haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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