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    Starting Study study person

    I've just finished my first week of 5th year, and already loads of people are studying over the vast majority of this weekend. I feel I need my down time more than study this early on, I feel dedicated to work after just doing homework!

    One of my teachers have said we should do an hour of study on weekdays and 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday, on top of the hours I'm spending doing homework???

    Is it really necessary to start studying diligently now? I'm afraid if I dive into it now, I'll burn out before the end of the year.

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      Im in 6th year now and for me personally fifth year is all about staying on top of the work and be organised and prepared for next year. 5th year can be pretty overwhelming at stages so its really important to stay on top of things to make life easier for 6th year. Yes studying is important too but I wouldn't be killing myself doing it. I hope this helps

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      study person

      Great, yeah I'm finding it way tougher than the Junior Cert! Thanks :)

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