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    Stick with Higher Level or drop to Ordinary Level MathsStudent

    Basically the entire higher level maths class failed the mocks...

    Would it be worth putting in the time to try and pass and get into college, with the risk of failing and no college...

    ....or moving to ordinary level and getting a good grade while having to get all of my other subjects up to a higher grade?

    Any opinions appreciated :)

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      Amanda April

      My school is in the same situation.

      We decided to all do Ordinary Level instead.

      Maths and English passes are necessary in order to pass the Leaving Cert so failing it is entirely out of question.

      Higher Level Maths in the first place is not exactly necessary for entering college (depending upon your college and selected courses). Just make sure to do really well on the Ordinary Level papers! A former Higher Level Maths student should NOT get anything below a B3 at all - aim for the A2 and A1!

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      look at your cao choices and calculate the maximum amount of points you can get out of your 6 subjects...

      if you need 500 and you do 3 higher you can get 300 points for a1s. If you do 3 ordinary you can get 180 which only leaves you with 480 bare in mind that's if you get a1s in everything! That extra 25 points for doing higher maths is a huge bonous..

      Its 3 months until the leaving cert. I take it you've being doing higher maths for the passed 3+ years? If you've gotten 10%-15 Maybe its best you drop to be safe. If your anywhere 27+ stick it out and put your head down.

      I know teachers can be a pain but I'd definitely recommend you sit with the teacher and ask them their advice. Maybe they will respect you and go over some stuff your struggling with...

      If your teacher notices yous all failed a certain chapter they should go over it. If you understood one question and your friend understood another maybe have a group maths class?

      Im in ordinary and Im not sure if any of these apply to your course but Ive recently come across this youtube videos;

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      Would you lose much marks after doing the research project in higher level and then dropping down to ordinary level to do the paper or are u even let do that ?

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      In history

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      Always believe in yourself and drop to lower level.

      Youre not as good as you think you are.

      Youre welcome

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      JUST DROP IT!!!

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