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    STREESS :(( Anna34xo

    tbh im only in 5th year and im dying under the stress already oft he teachers saying 'lc is jsut aroiund the corner, have to start studying now' its sooo hard to start studying cause we get pages upon pages of notes and its jsut hard to get everything done, especially because i go to the institute people have an expectancy on the students form there to be outstandingly smart whereas im jsut an average student, ii want to start again like i know I'm abit behind now but over the christmas holidays i want to catch up with 5th year like, could i get some advice on how i could do that?

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      sorry about the spelling errors, dyslexic ugh :')

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      lol u think ur in stress? what about the ppl who r in lc as we speak. there the ones under stress! anyways not to worry! studying in 5th year is the best thing u can do, start early. i really regret not studying in 5th year thinking ill do it next year and even tho i am i waasted a whole year! better to start somewhere than nowhere or late. obv ur gona get notes and lots of them. its the leaving not an ordinary test. take in ez and slow but dont waste ur time.

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      As a leaving cert student, I would recommend that if you are saying you are going to study over the Christmas Holidays, why not just start now?! Yes in leaving cert, the stress can get on top of you but just put your head down, go over the notes you are given by simply reading them and answering some questions on the topic and I would highly recommend you do all your homework you are given because it is very good revision from what you have done in that class.

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      Hey there :)

      I think you should try reading our blog on exam stress here:

      As well as our blog on studying with dyslexia:

      Hope they help :)

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      thanks so much :))

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