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    Study advice Aisling1998

    5th years, how much study is everybody doing? I only need 380 points so i'm not really worried at all, I just don't know how many hours on a school night is the usual to study? I can't do anything apart from homework on a Tuesday and Thursday as I have rehearsals but how much should I be doing at the weekends to make up for this? I also work one day a week so do I give up the job for 6th year or not? if anyone has any answers, I'd be very grateful :')

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      Relax, sure its only 5th year enjoy this year as next year........ hell awaits

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      Yeah I was only wondering what people were doing haha and I have a lots of stuff outside school coming up next year and most people are prepared to give up everything in 6th year and i'm not so I plan to split the work between this year and next year..... :)

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      Stephanie K

      Hi Aisling, I'm in 5th year!

      I study one full day every weekend like 6-8hours and I do a half day the other day. In the evening times I don my homework and I would study, I stop every night no earlier that 10 and no later than 11! But between 4 and a 11 I would take off an how for dinner and some evenings I would take off 2hours for training or I might have grinds or something!! So basically try and get.a good 4 to 4 and a half hours every night! I have a half day every Wednesday and I try and do some extra study but most of the time I am just not in the mood because I am so exhausted. I had a job and my parents wouldn't allow me to have the job while I am in 5th and definitely they will not allow me in 6th year and the time you spend working you will be stressed out trying to make up some time studying! I would recommend not having a job in 6th year anyways!!

      I believe anyways do your but in 5th year and 6th year should be easier when it comes to revision and stuff! Good luck!!

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      Stephanie K

      Ps what course do u what to do

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      Thank you so much!! It's an equine course

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      Stephanie K

      No bother, that sounds class

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