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    Study Motivation julieod1

    Hey just wondering does anyone have any tips for study motivation I just cannot get motivated I think it's because I have so much to do some of my teachers do not give great notes and I feel I end up doing there job swell as mine anyone have any advice.

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      John smith234

      Ask yourself the reason why you are studying, when it comes to august what points do you realistically think you deserve to see on the paper? If you have a weak subject its possible to change, to me the reason people have a weak subject is because they don't try in that particular area, they got off to a bad start and gave up and completely neglect the subject. This happens to me in Maths as i despise it. You become better at subjects you like because you put more work into them and try harder, so try to look at subjects as interesting and understand why you are studying in the first place. Teachers are not essential as you may think, as long as you know what is required for the exams you will find what you need in the books.

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      Thank you also would you have any notes or advice for English or Irish because they are the ones I am struggling most with xxx

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      I'm in an all Irish school and if you need help for Irish, I'm always here :)

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      Thank you so much the amount of stress that would take off of me would you have any Irish notes on the poems and the pros by anychance please

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      I'll have a look now. If you give me your email, I can send them to you?

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      It's Thank you so much 😊

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      Or just any notes you think would be beneficial thanks 😊

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      Do you do An Triail? I have some notes on the characters?

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      Ya I do :)

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      will email you notes now

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      thank you can you let me know hen you have them sent cause i have;t gotten them yet :)

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      Wait just got them thank you :)

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      If u need notes I got mine off this Facebook page. They are really far superior then any other notes out there and cheap too

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      Oh thanks I'll try that 😊

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