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    study needed for points ladevine98

    I'm not doing y leaving cert til next year but how much study like do I need for 530 points

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      A lot. Go over everything you did in 5th year at the end of the Summer before school starts because you'll get so much homework at the start of the year it'll be October till you have time to study again. Take one day off study a week and do plenty over the midterms. 530 is a lot so you'll spend most of your time studying but its only for one year and it'll be worth it once you get the course and college you want.

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      Thank you roughly how much study will I have to do a night. I'll need more than 530 points because that's the amount that is told for me to get for me to obtain that course

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      During the school term try to work until 10:30 each night, do what you want for 60-90 mins then go to sleep. Of course if you have hobbies they'll take up time. Spend around 30-40 mins per subject and take short breaks between subjects. Or make a plan and decide what topics/chapters you want done and by when then spread the work out over those days. Try to have some time to relax at weekends and get up early during mid terms so you can start and finish study early and have the afternoon to do whatever you want. Also if you're doing grinds count that as study and don't do more of that subject that day.

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      I would say its different for everyone. I'm in the same year as you so I would have around as much experience on studying as you do but if I was to advise you on what experience I do have I would have to say just pace yourself, do what ever you feel comfortable with doing time wise, don't stress yourself out too much and don't let study cut into your sleep. For the points you're aiming for I would say about an hour during week days and perhaps two on week-ends on top of all your homework. If you feel you can do more though then that's only better but just make sure that your whole teen-hood isn't completely focused on your studies. That's only my opinion though, hope it helps and good luck!

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      thank you so much :)

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      Be careful! 530 may be the points now, but you will be working under a different points structure from next years LC onwards. Yes it will probably be somewhat proportional but just be aware of any points changes with the H1 and O1 system etc.

      Studying wise, those comments above are filled with great advice about doing it in chunks of 30-40 mins. Make sure you are doing quality study. Some people think looking over notes for 40 mins is a great idea but that only works for some, make sure if it is maths that you are actually doing exam questions and use YouTube videos etc. to work out problems. Have the marking schemes from examinations website open so that you can check your work. I don't know if you do Biology but it is a massive book with loads of content, make study cards with definitions and key points (same for any subject really) and take about 10 a night, (you can always do more if you are in the mood and have time) but it wont take long to just go through them either yourself or get someone at home to just ask you about 10 of them. Go over any you get wrong and boom there’s 50 cards a week if you take two days off from doing it. (Plus this only takes a few mins the quicker you get at it so you prob could do it every day.) Over the course of a month it's a lot and keep mixing it up. Its great you are thinking about this in 5th year. Think how easy it is to make cards as you go along as opposed to trying to make loads near the end of 6th year. Also don't over fill each card with information. Short and snappy, just make more cards for more info. I seen someone with a card with almost a chapter on the whole thing, it's too much. 1 definition or 1 key point on each and keep making more.

      For languages, start thinking about the verbs and vocab you know. Think about your day and your conversations you had in English. Do you know some of the verbs you used or the vocab in that language...if you do start thinking of the grammar and putting it all together in a sentence. If you don't, start looking up words and verbs, you prob have a translation app on your phone. Looking at TV shows you like through a different language with English subtitles is so weird at first but, I know this is weird, I love Friends, watched it dubbed in French with English subtitles, ridiculous voices but because I knew context and basically what was coming next (as well as the English on the screen) you start picking up vocab and accent and it is great for your listening test as well as oral.

      When you do an English essay for homework on a novel or play etc. spend the time and do it properly this could well be the essay you use in the LC, if you do it write and correct mistakes your teacher gives you there and then it saves you having to sit down during study time in 6th year and write a new essay...we all know how long that takes!!

      Finally...I know right...when will I stop going on and on but it is never to early to start exam papers on each subject, keep doing them over and over again. Ask teachers for past pre papers they might have on file from deb and exam craft, just keep doing them! and if you do all this in short chunks of work, its quality time spent and gives you loads of time for family, friends, hobbies etc. I know these things worked for me but like it says above it depends on the person you'll find what works for you, starting studying is the hardest, you sit down, you get distracted, you try different techniques some don't work, some do and after a while of this it finally clicks, just be patient

      The very best of luck!!!

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      Thank you so much for all the tips yes I do biology and yes that book is HUGE not to mention I'm doing HL and didn't do it for my JC

      In English I'm trying to get better vocabulary any apps etc?How do I get the H1 in English like what themes or topics should I focus on when answering a question?

      Economics is another one I do and the diagrams and learning is hard to learn sometimes .any tips on the chapters ro focus on and tips in general

      Also home ec is full of information and huge detail amdI'm trying to bring my grade of a C up aat the moment it's very frustrating as it wasn't as detailed in JC. Is there any chapters I can cut out in learningin some chapters like is there definit chapters that come up in section B e.g food studies.

      French is a weak language for me I'm starting an essential french course that's 6 weeks long aby apps or e training advice for it

      Is it possible to make maths notes?

      Irish is ordinary level and I'm not too worried arm I'd say my biggest one would be the poetry do I quote in it or just answer questions? Does poetry come up in the oral?

      Do I have to do a document in french ?

      I do Lcvp as an 8th subject and am hoping to get a distinction tips on securing that?

      Thank you so much for all of your help with this

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      For Irish you don't have to learn the poems. In the written exam the poems are on the paper and for the oral you just have to read it and you're aloud have phonetics written on the paper.

      Maths its difficult to write notes, the best thing is to just keep doing questions.

      Economics only has diagrams for markets, you just learn the way they're drawn and the 6 SPECS points to explain each one. Its a real easy subject to do well in because you do 4 long questions out of 8 and every year Q1 is supply/demand/equilibrium/consumer, Q2 is markets and Q3 is factors of production.

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      For French quizlet is fantastic for learning vocab/phrases, there's great notes for diary's letter's and all the written sections on studyclix, languages online is also good

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      For English I'd keep on top of quotes as they really pile up. Writing sample answers and getting your teacher to correct them and give you hints on where to improve is great, while writing these have the layout of your answer, and all your notes open in front of you. Examiners love personal engagement so keep using I never use we and keep referencing the question. My teacher tells us personally engage every 5-6 sentences and refer back to the question using the key words in the question every 5-6 sentences. And don't summarise anything the examiner knows the story/poem!

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      thank you so much I'm going to look up quizlet and look for other websites etc.All this advice has helped me so much !!!

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