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ismelindsey The Leaving Cert — 17/02/17 5

Is it worth it? 35 euro seems a lot so I'd like some users pros and cons for it if thats okay.

NRichardson24121999 — 09/01/17
No, exam papers are far better to buy and revision books, I had premium and I cancelled it.. its ok without it
Aisling1998 — 09/01/17
I thought it was good at 25 euro but 35 seems pushing it a little. I still went for it however after realising that they didn't upload anything new at all since last year I really regret it. Most of the notes is links to other notes with sites on them or notes that other students have uploaded which can be a bit dodgy. Some of the features like the exam builder and papers by topic are really really handy but only worth 25 euro at the most, not 35.
Browneyedgirl99 — 09/01/17
ahh i think its such a good resource!!
jackcu9815 — 12/01/17
its dead handy for looking for questions on specific topics in science and other choice subjects but the breakdown isnt great for the core subjects.... some of the notes can be dodgy enough but theyre generally okay i reckon the questions will come in handy close to the exams tho... worth the money in my opinion
folieapanic — 17/02/17
Just fyi, there is an exam builder on mocks.ie for free on their basic account... and studyclix is expecting people to pay 35 euro for the exact same thing here! I use both websites
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