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    Studying saoirsemcgrath

    Anyone have any study tips, cant seem to get my head round to learning things, havent got the concentration lol

    My subjects: Maths English Irish Spanish Biology Ag Science Physics

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      try revision books.where are you from as maybe i could send notes to you

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      Here's what I'm currently doing and it's working out great.

      Each week choose a chapter from each subject. Gather all past exam questions from that chapter and practise them throughout the week. Once you've reached the end of the week, you would have practised all the questions for that chapter, and now move onto the next chapter for the next week.

      Write a year checklist. All of the events of the year should be in it. For example mine has "FRENCH ORAL PREPARATION" for when I need to prepare my oral for French. Same thing with Spanish. Once I have it prepared and ready for all the questions that I'll be asked, I'm going to stick it in a folder, practise it whenever I get the time, cross it over on the checklist, and that's that done.

      Do that for all subjects. Checklists are the best way to stay organised.

      Get a folder, and call it "The Leaving Cert in a Nutshell". In this folder use poly pockets to store all different useful notes for each subject. Separate the subjects into different sections in the folder and whenever you have a free class, or get the time, you'll have that folder on demand to study. This way you won't be wasting your time and you'll be much more organised.

      Finally, do your homework. Ontop of revision, homework comes first. You may not believe it but in 6th year you learn 85% of the leaving cert. In 5th year it's an introduction. So do your homework in 6th year.

      Stay organised. That's the key.

      You're welcome.

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      I have good notes, its just getting round to learning them though but thanks!

      Great thanks a million, hope it works for me too! Ill try and see how I get on, fingers crossed

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      Hey Saoirse,

      If you jump over to our blog section you can see we have some study tips and some blogs on how to manage your studying better!

      Here's a link to some of our exam tips

      Also here's a link to our Study planner which you can download for free!

      Hope it helps!


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      Thank You very much! :)

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      i just study. hope this helps:)......

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      I have great notes available if you wish

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