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    Studying externally Dodobird

    Well... I am most likely going to repeat, just thought id ask some advice and if someone could take out some of their precious time and enlighten me, also congrats on the excellent results.

    I am after 580 or up as I am hoping to do either med or dentistry.

    I am doing eng,maths,bio,chem,buss,italian,ag science and economics.

    Ill most likely pick up another subject from accounting/physics/geog have yet to decide.

    I want to know did anyone encounter any problems studying from home, how did ye get on about doing english and maths and your language subject as those need constant revision. Was thinking of doing english and maths in a grind school throughout the year, just to keep to things and get a decent practise in. I am not saying I need grinds, but since I wont be doing classess, given ill be studying from home, those subjects might get a bit neglected. But then again English, its only paper 2 that you really need, so how did you get on studying english at home, a year without english and a language, how can you improve your grammer etc, without listening to any teacher ? Do you know what I am trying to say. Also maths youll need to go through the whole course again ?

    I know this is long and a pain to read, but I really appreciate it, and would be ever so grateful if someone could just even give me small bit of advice.

    Thank you so much

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      Sorry forgot to ask one more thing, how did one get on to study externally, did you apply later on the year or straight away, is there any practicalities i need to be aware before going on as an external lc student, where did you sit your orals and exams, i presume your old school.

      I am doing o level spanisj and english but that doesnt mean I can go throughought the year without being in a class enviroment and pass it ?

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      I did the leaving cert this year

      And I was hoping for Medecine or dentistry

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      I got 575 in my leaving cert which was ok but I expected better

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      I got 127 in the HPAT

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      Which was not enough. For med

      But hopefully points will drop this year

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      And may get into dentistry

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      Did you study externally ?

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      Can anyone study externally?

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      You definitely can study externally - and sit your exams as an external candidate.. 3 of my siblings studied from home & sat their lc externally in a local school , and I homeschooled up until like this year.. I definitely think that you can manage, and English and languages shouldn't be too hard to study on your own, as long as you have the motivation. I personally found it so hard to study maths from home & I pretty much am behind because I would always put it off instead of studying it. However, with a grinds school, I'm sure you'll be just fine. Also, for your orals, you have to make sure you apply in advance to get your student number. Go onto and there should be a section on for external candidates somewhere, with all the details on how you apply as an external student, etc.. I wouldn't recommend geography from home as there is a field study project (worth 20%!!!) that you have to complete in a school so

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      I'm studying externally too!! It's all really confusing and stressful but I think you apply as an external candidate in the January before you plan to sit the exams, once you organise a place to sit them and to take orals you should be good! Just make sure to avoid subjects with project work

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