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studying for 555 points
michellemcc98 The Leaving Cert — 21/09/16 5

I'm a repeat student who wants to do medicine. I need at least 550/555 points and I'm trying to prep a study plan, can anybody tell me how many hours you would recommend studying for everyday after school and at the weekends / during holidays? and is it better to give say, an hour per subject and get 4 / 5 subjects done or to give 1/2 hour to every subject everyday?

maymento — 13/09/16
I think you should honestly go with how things suit you, I like to vary my subjects and study more than one every day. It worked for me but everyone is different. Sometimes for the core subject I spend a little more time because they really need a lot of work. For example english, maths and irish. So, the point, do what you think works for you the most.
maymento — 13/09/16
And good luck! Hopefully you get into medicine!
michellemcc98 — 17/09/16
Thanks for the advice :)
E.Devitt — 17/09/16
I'd do half an hour to forty minutes per subject and take a short break between subjects
hipatia — 21/09/16
I think you should try not to have very high goals in each study section. Aim to do a certain topic. For example, if you are doing Biology you could choose the digestive system, do very concise notes from your textbook, practice drawing the diagrams and then learn the most important terms. Then finish doing a few exam questions in the topic. Try studying for the orals as early as you can, it will save you from having a stressful time towards the date. If you want to do Medicine, and you are still unsure where you want to go, I suggest you should also consider options abroad if they suit you, Eg. UK.
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