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    Subject choice 5th year help me Ciara_lyng

    I have to choose what does everyone find the easiest subjects? And whoever does accounting is that easy?

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      I have to choose my subjects

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      you're gonna have to think further than that mate.....most college courses require 1-2 science courses.....well depending what you want to do. I do Bio, Chem and Physics. I find chem alright and There's a shit tonne in Bio but it's fine. If you're not good at math don't do physics.

      I've heard many people say Geography is an easy A....maybe it is maybe it isint.

      At the end of the day just do the subjects you'll enjoy the most, not the easier ones. You'll find you'll do quite well in the thing you enjoy rather than picking based on the easier ones.

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      no accounting is not easy at all. the reason it has a high a1 rate is because everybody who does it was good at business accounting in junior cert. It is a subject where you have to be good at accounting to do well.

      History is very easy, if you can write 5 pages in 40 minutes you have a h1 straight off the bat, you get an easy 20 percent from your coursework which your teacher corrects for you.40 percent of the year previous to me got A1s.

      The reason its a1 rate is so low is because a lot of bad schools have a lot of students doing it.

      religion and economics are the other subjects i do and i guess theyre both okay it depends what type of person you are.

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      One advice don't do physics

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      Me personally, Accounting is my easiest subject to do, mainly because most of it is based on pratical learning. The more you practise accounts, the better you get. Theory is only 15% of the subject. If you liked Accounting in JC business, I would recommend.

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      I'll be honest with you

      I don't do all these subjects but

      The ones I do

      Economics: Good, interesting most of the time, easy if you keep up with the work.

      Business: Similar to Economics, just theory basically, simple to get your head around

      DCG: This can be easy to do well in, but I just don't "get" this subject, it is confusing.

      Accounting: Great subject if you practice. Practice makes perfect here.

      Biology: if you are doing a Science subject, I would have done this if I chose one, it seems the most interesting, and simpler to learn than Chemistry or Physics.

      Geography : I didn't like it to be honest, but it seems to be very popular, if you like it at junior cert, why not?

      A language: it would be preferable to only do a language if you are decent at Irish, and it would help to have done it at junior cert.

      History: Sorry, but I hated History. In JC, the class was such a joke, learned little to nothing, but great banter at the same time. I didn't choose it in LC. But if you like it, choose it!

      At the end of the day, choose the subjects you have an interest in, and will genuinely enjoy.

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      Biology: Loooong course but we had a terrific teacher and as you learn more the chapters begin to link together. No maths.

      Chemistry: More maths than biology but still a lot of theory. I'd describe it more as a "puzzle solving" subject, especially with organic. Once you learn your theory things make sense and link together. Really interesting subject.

      Physics: Most maths-y of the sciences which is fine for me because I love maths. Not a difficult subject if you put the time into it to understand everything as well as having good maths ability. One of the subjects with the highest percentage of As. Very interesting subject too.

      DCG: Regret taking it completely. Our teacher was shit and we did exam papers from day one. Much, much harder than TG in my eyes. Really boring too.

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      Do not choose easy subjects. Do not choose subjects just because your friends are doing them. Do not choose your subjects because of the teacher of them.

      Only pick what you're interested in as well as what your courses will require. If you're unsure of what a course requires go to Qualifax's subject requirement module and follow the instructions on it.

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      there are no easy subjects. They all require a lot of work but the subjects you enjoy the best are the ones you'll find easier. I think geography is an easy A, I know people who hate it and dropped to ordinary and struggle with it, same goes for bio. Different for everyone. JUST DO WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT AND WHAT YOU LIKE.

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      You really have to give us more information than that if you want us to help you choose your subjects. It depends on your interests and your ability. For example, I found JC maths easy, so I picked physics and applied maths, but I would never recommend those subjects for someone who despises maths. On the other hand, subjects like engineering, construction, agricultural science and DCG can be fantastic for people good at doing projects and using their hands, but they would be horrific choices for me, as I have zero practical ability for things like that. Tell us what JC subjects you enjoyed and were good at and what you want to do after school, and maybe then we can help.

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      My teacher said you don't have to be a maths genius to do physics.

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      I never said you had to be. I said that if you despise, as in loathe, maths, then the most mathematical science probably won't be for you. You can not be the biggest fan of maths and still love physics, but if you really really hate it, I wouldn't recommend physics.

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      Isn't there some maths in chemistry too? Or am I mistaken

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