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    Subject Choice for LC katesmyth7

    Not sure what subjects to choose for my leaving cert, plan on keeping all HL except Irish. I don't want to do a third language as I know I won't achieve a good grade in it but am i limiting my options too much? Currently want to choose chemistry, biology, history and business.

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      I meant geography not business

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      Defo go for geography, it is so easy and interesting defo do it!!!

      Don't do history or accounting. Hardest subjects in the leaving cert

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      I would put history as the hardest subject in the leaving cert. It is so hard. I'm in ordinary level since Christmas when I was in 5th year and I'm in 6th year now.

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      History's good if you have a passion for it or really like it but just bear in mind there's a lot that you'd think would be interesting when really it's pretty average. It all depends on what teacher you have to be honest! It's quite like english, like rather than just writing down all the facts you have to relate in to the question, so you really need to know the stuff well.

      There's a lot of learning in biology but a good bit of choice on the paper so it's not as bad as you'd think!

      From what I've heard, chemistry is tough.

      My friend does history, geography and biology and she says there's a mountain of learning to be done for them. Just be prepared if you do choose them!

      Good luck! :)

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      i love biology it is the most straight forward subject and I have heard that there are big stressful assignments for geography.

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      The only problem that you would run into without a third language is some college courses require a third language as an entry requirement e.g. medicine. When deciding make sure you have looked at all the entry requirements of college courses you are interested in and maybe consult your guidance counsellor. I totally understand where you are coming from languages would be my weak point but I had to do french as a third language as it is an entry requirement for some of the courses I am looking at.

      Good luck with your subject choices though hope to all works out well xxx

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      Do not do geography unlike you're able to memorise 500 pages

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      Don't drop Irish because higher level maths will be way too hard for you and you'll end up with 5 honours so keep irish

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      No I'm doing HL maths because I am good at maths I'm not good at languages (why I don't want to do French) I'll be well capable of high points, i just don't know what each subject I mentioned is like

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      In the junior cert I got an A in geography and loved it and the structure to learning notes etc

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      John smith234

      Geography jumps in difficulty at leaving cert,people will lie and say its all waffle in geography but alot of learning is needed as the course is several times larger.

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      John smith234

      French is actually very easy to learn,you could probably open up a comprehension and know many words because they are similiar to english. To be good at french all you need is dedication to expanding your vocabulary and you will excell by just learning vocab from the book reevant to the course.

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      John smith234

      History is a risky subject,it requires great ability to understand and criticize several periods of history into well structured essays, in the leaving cert you will have to write around a 3-4 page essay on a period of history in the republic of ireland, northern ireland ,America and then a 1.5 page essay on a case study on a specific event that is examined in the book. the topics will be random and you will be required to respond with relevant facts and where necessary a educated opinion.

      Biology requires a strong memory, but it can be a very easy subject if you simply study and learn all definitions and be able to explain functions/roles of things where necessary. I recommend Biology its very interesting and beneficial to your knowledge.

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      Geography is basically a project wort 20%/100 marks, short questions (80 marks / 16%) and then the rest is long questions

      Short Questions are much easier than Long Questions. Long Questions mainly consist of essay writing and it is much harder to get marks in them.

      I haven't done the project yet and have no idea what it's like but apparently it's easy to get next to full marks in

      So if you do well in Short Questions and the project, that will boost your grade a lot

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      is business the same format as like the jc course?

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      is business the same format as the jc course?

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      Great leaving cert notes

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      I took French as an extra subject at ordinary level to meet requirements. All you need is an OD3 :)

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      I decided to do

      irish - OL

      maths - HL

      english - HL

      history - HL

      geography - HL

      biology - HL

      chemistry - HL

      I am also going to do OL french outside school just for language requirement

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      Lol wrong choice pal

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      Your leaving cert will be impossible if you choice those subjects

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      If u need notes I got mine off this Facebook page. They are really far superior then any other notes out there and cheap too

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      why do you think that

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      I find them far batter then any revision book and are far more detailed and exam focused

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