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Subject Choices 5th
JCScenes The Leaving Cert — 27/09/16 7

Hiya, I've been thinking about my subjects for next year. I've come down to a final few choices. Geography Biology Business Accounting and Economics. What 4 should I choose to accompany English Maths and Irish? Anyone have feedback on these subjects or do a similar combination of subjects? Help please

michaels — 25/09/16
Ag Science, Biology and Geography is a really good combination. Business, Accounting and economics is also a good combination
JCScenes — 26/09/16
Thank you!
Cathal_8908 — 26/09/16
It depends what you want to do. If you want to go to NUIG you need to have 3 languages e.g. French. But it's up to you ��
falcon_ava — 27/09/16
If you're unsure on what you want to do after school, you should choose one science subject, one business, one language and something you find will give you an easy A. My mam did a language and the three science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and she says that it's her biggest regret in the world. She wishes that she had kept her choices more broad so that she could have done something different in college after she changed her mind. If you are thinking of going down the route of science or medicine, most courses require two science subjects so make sure you look into a few courses before you make your final decision. Good luck!
JCScenes — 27/09/16
Thanks! I don't need a third language for any of the course I would like. Anyone have any feedback on those subjects?
SeanP6A — 27/09/16
I am currently in 5th year and was quite reluctant to take on Accounting as a subject as I didn't really have an interest in it, however I am really enjoying it so far. Its definitely not a subject I'm worried about because as long as you go to class and get the notes it's easy to keep up (saying that I only have a months experience of the subject.), whereas I feel very overwhelmed by history for example as a lot of the work is done at home. Business is a subject where you just have to learn off notes, you don't need to be particularly good at the subject, just so long as you can regurgitate your notes in the test.
JCScenes — 27/09/16
Thanks so much!
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