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    Subject choices for 4th-5th years. BonnieRabbit

    I am a student sitting the leaving certificate this year and I would like to give some advice subject choices to those who are going to sit the leaving certificate in the future. Do more practical subjects (Art, Metalwork, Woodwork etc...) In most of these subjects there is a good chance that you have passed before you even sit the exam. I have spent days and weeks sitting and studying my heart out wishing that I did more practical subjects so it's not just all heads down and learning. People may disagree but for me the leaving cert is not picking subjects you like, at the end of the day that does not matter what matters is what points you get at the end. Choose your subjects wisely. Do some research. Cover yourself for points for the future.

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      I chose Physics, Economics, Geography and Physics as my optional subjects. I've never excelled at Practical subjects so I think my choices are wide. The most important thing is that you choose subjects that you enjoy, and that give you a wide range of choices for the future. Also, I recommend choosing another language and a science subject as they are required for a lot of courses

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