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Subject choices for lc
adamob544 The Leaving Cert — 29/11/16 2

Hi everyone. I'm in 4th year now, and starting to reconsider what subjects I chose for the leaving cert. I wanted a career as a pilot when I leave school, but haven't a clue about points or what subjects I'll need. I can talk with a career guidance teacher, but I just wanted an idea here. I chose physics, Spanish, geography and business. I was thinking of swapping business for home - ec but I never did that before, I just really hate business. I know physics is hard, so I wanted to try start studying it while I have the chance to still change it this year. Could anyone give me advice about what to do now? Thanks

orlab123 — 18/09/16
do economics it's way easier than business, but still business orientated. stick with geography, maybe Phys .chem it's another science subject just with chemistry and physics. stay away from home ec since you haven't done it before as I've heard it's quite difficult in the lc. hope this helps :)
adamob544 — 29/11/16
I was having another think about it there, I'm doing Economics atm but it's probably nothing like proper LC stuff. We don't have the combined subject unfortunately though :( .
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