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JCScenes The Leaving Cert — 19/09/16 3

Hi guys I really don't know what to pick next year for LC. I was thinking English Irish Maths Geography Business Biology and i'm not sure of a fourth. I like the idea of Accounting History and Economics. I would like to follow a career in teaching , journalism or garda. Anyone have any advice? Can anyone give me an insight into what these LC subjects are like?

shanemacken2000 — 19/09/16
I do Business, History, Chemistry and Physics. I am currently attempting to do Geography outside of school so I can't say an awful lot about that. Business is a very enjoyable subject and I find it great because I will use it so often in the real world. I love History even though I didn't choose it. The course is long and there is a lot to learn but it is really interesting! I wouldn't recommend accounting because you really need the head for it and not a lot of people enjoy doing it. I would recommend Chemistry or Physics over Biology just because I love them and Biology is a HUGE course with so much to learn.
E.Devitt — 19/09/16
If your'e thinking jounalism or teaching then you should do third language
smais — 19/09/16
Have you thought about the option of a third language? Could be useful in journalism and NUIs. I've just started 6th year & I do German, Chemistry, Physics and Biology so I can only give personal advice with regards to those. Biology is definitely a very long course and if you pick it I'd recommend doing exam papers as you go along in 5th year, that what my teacher did with us and its been so helpful because of the amount to cover. Out of the three sciences I find Biology the most boring because I hate ecology and plants. Chemistry is tough if you don't have a good mind for imagining things. Physics is learning basically, know the definitions off by heart, know the experiments and practice calculations and you're kinda set. My friends do history and they always write essays out fully on every topic because that works best, so if you can deal with that go for it because it's so interesting. Some of them also do business and if you learn the stuff off, its good for points as well as being used outside of school. Hope this helped!
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