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    Subject Choices (skipping ty) MaryJane1402

    Im skipping TY and I want to study psychology. I was thinking of doing Home Ec, Religion, French and Biology. Im sure about all of them except Home Ec. It would help me with social studies and stuff but I didnt o it in JC so would that really matter

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      home ec is very hard :( deffo research it! try have a look at a 5th/6th years book before you make a decision! :)

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      look up for the course requirements

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      Thank you

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      My friend who got 9 A's in the JC including Home Ec is struggling to get B's in it so I'd be careful

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      Stephanie K

      I am in 5th. I love home Ec. Best choice I ever made. I would totally recommend doing home Ec.

      The food element is really interesting( it is a bit of chemistry, but it is not too hard)

      The social studies part is very nice, it is not too intense. Social studies is not a big section of the course but it is nearly a guaranteed question to come up every year.

      The home Ec journal is a grand part if you put in the effort, there's 5 tasks and 4 must be completed.

      Not too sure about the rest of the course as I don't have any of the other sections done yet. I love it anyways, best choice I made.

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      Stephanie K

      Would you consider doing chemistry??? The course is very short. It is also lovely subject if you just put in the time learning. If you out in the time you will be nearly guaranteed a high result.

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      I will glitzandblitz thanks.

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      I was avoiding chemistry as I didn't really enjoy it in Junior Cert Stephanie but I will look into it

      We've had our senior cycle options talk so I have to quickly decide

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      Home ec for the leaving cert is a lot different to the junior cert course. I loved it for the jc but I'm struggling now and I'm in 6th year! If you're good at keeping on top of your notes and learning them when you should and not leaving everything to the last minute I think you should be fine! Make sure and study for class tests as it helps for the likes for summer exams and the pres, that's what my main piece of advice!

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      Yeah thanks Shauna I guess I'd have to revise all my notes like every week?

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      you have to do applied astro-physics ! Well either that or Agricultural economics. They're both guaranteed A's especially if you can calibrate your spectrometer to pick up osmoregulation using the law of equi-marginal returns!!

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