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    Subject options chocolate1516

    I'm thinking of going straight to 5th year, any advice on subject choices? I want to do home ec, biology and french with eng, irish, maths but I'm unsure of the 7th?

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      Music? I wouldn't advise geog AT ALL

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      I'd definitely say Music. Don't put yourself through the hells that are Leaving Cert Geography or History.

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      Kylie Jenner x

      pick ag science or geography. Geography has a booklet write up worth 20%

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      Music is really hard! And Ive been playing piano since I was 8. Don't do it! Try a business subject for variety.

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      I don't get the problem with lc history? Its grand just learn it off and write it out you also have a project thats really easy to do well in

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      But whatever you do. Pick to your strengths don't pick something for the challenge of it you wont thank yourself. Cross interest with subjects you'll perform in and you'll be fine is the best thing I could say

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      Try reading this blog for help on deciding:


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      can you do music for lc if you haven't done it for jc?

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      Yes you can! But it will mean a little more work and study for you to catch up on the basics. :)

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      okay thank you!

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      do you have to be able to play a musical instrument?

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      Yes 50% of leaving cert grade is practical

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      No, but there is a practical examination where students have to sing and/or play an instrument. So if you don't play an instrument you would have to be able to sing 6 songs very well as be able to sight-sing. :)

      Hope this helps.

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      Voice is an instrument:)

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      What's leaving cert geography like?

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      eva02, it's pretty bad. Not as hard as history, but it's close. There's SO many essays to learn and economic geography is the bane of my existence right now.

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